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Building Blog #19 – Evangel as a Third Place

Evangel's new facility on 100 Street will likely be known as Evangel Place, a multi-use facility that will serve as a "third" place in our community.           How amiable and warm is your dwelling place. ~ Ps. 84:1 Build the House – Embrace a City has been an incredible journey of discovery for our church community. Learning how to stretch beyond our comfort zones, experiencing a new kind of transience in the in-between, practicing patience with…

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Facebooking for God?

Why do I check in? If you’ve come to Evangel Chapel in the last week, you may have noticed a new sign on our walls. It looks something like this;               This is the Facebook Check-In sign. It’s a feature on Facebook that tells your friends not only how you’re doing, but where you are too. But, why would you do that? Well, it shows the world where you like to hang out, and…

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Using Facebook to Bring Evangel Everywhere!

How to use Facebook and social media to BUST your church OUT of the four walls and make a massive splash in your 24/7 world!     And with only the *click*, of a mouse.   1) Like Evangel Chapel’s Facebook page (click here and get it done if you haven’t already ;-).   When you do this, it connects all your friends to the fact that you’re apart of the Evangel family.  And it gives them a direct link to check…

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