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Freedom Session

Freedom Session is an effective, Christ-centered, 27 week, 12 Step healing-discipleship ministry that will lead you on a journey towards the freedom and healing you’ve always hoped was possible.     Freedom Session is effective for people from every walk of life, every economic level and virtually every possible area of woundedness. We have seen thousands of people set free from chemical and sexual addiction, sexual and physical abuse,  victimization, codependency issues, perfectionism, the scars of divorce, betrayal, abortion trauma,…

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Get Engaged @ Evangel!

So you’ve decided to tie into Evangel’s vibrant community of faith?  The BEST way to make this place really feel like home, is to find a place to serve, to bring your skills and gifts to the table and find a way to get active.  There are several ways, but let me highlight the top needs right now! Sunday Support Teams Each of Evangel’s three Sunday services has a team of individuals that give support in a number of different…

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How to Make Facebook Groups Work For Your Small Group

We’re trying something new at Evangel this year for small groups: Facebook groups.  Here’s how to make it work as a viable tool to connect, facilitate community, and plan events for your small group:   1.  Fill in all the basic information in “edit group settings”, including your contact information in the “description” box.  Make sure that your small group knows it can always find your contact information there.  Be sure to list Evangel’s website there as well (  For…

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