Sunday Prayer Hub

We're really excited to be announcing the recent launch of the Sunday Morning Prayer Hub! For years we’ve talked about having a team of people praying throughout the Sunday morning gatherings – now it's reality!! Each Sunday there will be two teams, one for both the 9:30 & 11am gatherings. Teams will consist of anywhere from 6-12 people, with a leader present to give direction throughout the hour. The prayer focus will be for the gathering, those that have gathered, the ministry…

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Prayer Summit – New Year’s Eve

The second event of it's kind at Evangel, where we come together as a house to pray. For years we've been praying in pockets all over our church community – it's amazing, but there's nothing like pulling everyone together under one roof to knock on heaven's door and seek the Kingdom – it IS effective and has mind-blowing results.  Our time together will include whole-gathering prayer and also small group prayer. The evening will kick-off with a time of worship,…

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Evangel Prayer Summit

We're piloting a new idea with this event, where we come together as a capital "H" House and pray. For years we've been praying in pockets all over our church community – it's amazing, but wouldn't it be sweet to pull everyone under one roof at the same time?! Well that's what this is all about, and we sincerely believe that as we pray, it IS effective and has mind-blowing results.   Our time together will include whole-gathering prayer and also…

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Getting Personal with God

God’s Glory and Splendor: Wednesday early morning prayer for me in the last few months has been awesome. God has been teaching me a lot about his sovereignty, his magnificence, his glory, his splendor, and his holiness. How separate God is from our sin? How far removed from who we are, is our God? These questions made me realize how crazy a plan God crafted just for us so that we could be in right standing with him. How marvelous…

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Crafted Prayer, for Build the House – Embrace a City

NOTE: As we embark on the journey of a lifetime, it’s so important to keep our sites set on the One Who leads this house, Jesus Himself.  Use this crafted prayer as a tool to do just that.  Let’s press in together! Lord God, you are our Shepherd, we will go where You lead.  Many are the plans in the mind of a man, but it is Your purposes that will stand (Prov. 19:21). Your kingdom come, Your will be done,…

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Prayers That Change Weather Patterns

  I’m not sure how to say this well, but it’s simple: we need to to pray.  And pray like we’ve never prayed before.     And not the wimpy prayers we’ve come to expect from the contemporary church – whimsical, hopeful, dear-me prayers of people afraid for their lives.     The kind of prayers I am speaking of are the kind David prayed as he charged Goliath, and Elisha prayed as he was surrounded by enemy armies without…

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The Call to Prayer for NPSS Change-Makers

“For such a time as this…”  there is a group of young people being raised up for this moment in history.  This is their time.  They are ready to set the church on fire!  This is the feeling we were getting on Sunday when the students leading the NPSS Change Makers at the high school let us in on whats happening in one of the hardest places to be a Believer in Fort St. John.  Evangel had a panel of…

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Adventures in Prayerachuting

Nope, haven’t jumped yet.  Got postponed because of abnormally crappy June weather for the Peace.  And here I was finally feeling psychologically prepared.  What a mind game.     In the process of getting mentally ready, I found myself gravitating to what could go wrong in a solo-jump and how to best deal with possible issues.  For example, our youth pastor Daniel, when doing his first jump had a twisted parachute.  His advice to me: when letting go and beginning the drop,…

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Prayer and Music

I have a prayer playlist on my iPhone.  We use this playlist every Wednesday morning for men’s early prayer.  I add to it occasionally and tweak it.  But it’s pretty much stayed the same for two years now.  It’s about 30 songs, some of my favourites are the following:   – Awakening, by Chris Tomlin A great song that is actually a prayer for spiritual awakening in our land.  The words “awake my soul” are very fitting for early morning prayer when…

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A Story: Men’s Early Prayer

Last Wednesday at 6am I gathered at our church with about 20 other guys to pray.  You heard me right, to pray.  The average age is about 23, and as they walk into the building, the anticipation and excitement is more akin to what you'd expect if it was a night at the pub watching a foot-ball game.  We gather towards the front of the main auditorium, just the spot lights are on, creating a warm atmosphere.  Music plays softly…

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Non Verbal Prayer

They say that communication is 7% verbal (using words), and 93% non-verbal.  Wake-up call?  I pay a lot more attention to the things I say, and seldom think about what I my eyes or my body is communicating.  As an example, I used to think I was scoring with my kids when I didn’t let any derogatory words come out my mouth towards them, but the truth is, words may be a small part of what I’m saying, and my…

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