A Prophetic Picture of Build the House

There are no simple coincidences.   That’s how we all felt about an opportunity that came our way a couple years ago.  I’d met this short-in-stature, huge-in-spirit Oaxacan pastor in Mexico.  He needed a new church building, and badly, so Evangel picked up the baton and ran with it.  We pooled resources, assembled a team, and headed down in the fall of 2012.  It was the fastest church-build I’d ever seen, and the project was completely in 4 days, from…

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Evangel’s Building Three More Houses March 24th!

  Somewhere down in the fertile valley of the Baja Peninsula there are 3 families who are praying for change. They’re praying for something more, a deeper walk with God, to see Him move and do amazing things.  And somewhere in northern British Columbia, God is answering their prayers by moving in the hearts of a group of people who desire to be the hands and feet of Jesus.   In northern British Columbia, a group of people are praying for…

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A Fictional Letter from the Church in Mexico

How I praise the Lord that you are concerned about us.  I know you have carried the work here in your hearts for the last year, but have had no opportunity to express this until now, turning your concern for us into action with the building of a beautiful sanctuary for our congregation.   Not that I am speaking of being in need, for we have learned how to be content with whatever we have.  Florencia and myself have learned…

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Mexico Blog #9 – Thoughts from the Church Build

Here’s how to build a church in THREE DAYS: take a team of 20 awesome people from Fort St. John to a little town called Vicente Guerrero in Mexico, give them a task of providing a 40′ x 60′ building for a burgeoning little Oaxacan congregation situated amongst the poorest of the poor, then watch a beautiful building literally appear in front of your eyes, because that’s exactly what took place two weeks ago.  We started building on Monday, and…

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Interview with Deja on Mexico Trip

1. Was there anything that happened on this trip that you didn’t expect? I’ve honestly never seen Faith come out of her shell the way she did in Mexico.  She built relationships with that family that none of us can compare to.  She has never stepped out to get to know someone the way she did with Philipa and those girls. I’m so proud of her!   I also saw a strength in the people we built for that I was…

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Mexico Blog #8 – Don’t De-Complicate Mexico

I’ve only just returned from Mexico, and already the awkward questions are being asked and discussed in our home:      – How do we live now in relation to our own material possessions and abundant wealth?      – Should we build/buy bigger and better things, or just make do, sending more money to the mission field?      – Are we giving to the poor, visiting the prisoner, clothing the naked in our own city?      –…

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Mexico Blog #7 – Culture Shock…Oh Boy

We just returned to the continental United States of America after building a couple of homes for Mexico’s poorest folks.  It was an amazing experience that I hope has worked a transformational effect on us Fort St. Johner’s.  Time will tell.  God has been speaking to us very strongly on issues of wealth distribution and caring for the poor, the widow, the orphan, and the marginalized of our society.  This whole event was more of the same.  God give us…

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Mexico Blog #6 – Two Great Men

Of all the pictures we snapped over the week in Vicente Gurerro, this one ranks among my favourite because of the two central subjects of the photo:   Asher Motola A Jewish guy who got saved during the Jesus movement in Mexico City, a teacher by trader, and missionary by calling.   For the last few decades he and his wife Suzanne have given their lives to the extension of the Kingdom and spread of the Gospel into Mexico.  He…

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Mexico Blog #5 – Last Day In VG

We are nearing the end of our time down here at Vicente Gurerro in the famous Baja California.  Our “last supper” tonight was over the top with all kinds of Mexican delicacies you simply can’t order at Taco Bell.  In some countries it is polite to burp after the meal signifying your satisfaction, compliments to the chef.  In Mexico, you show your appreciation to your hosts by stuffing yourself so full you can barely walk :-).  We REALLY showed the…

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Mexico Blog #4 – All in a Day on the Baja Peninsula

Here’s a Journal of Thursday, April 5, from Tony’s perspective, in Vicente Gurerro, Mexico:   5:30am      Alarm goes off.  Problem was, I put earplugs in my ears last night (because of the snoring) and never heard it.  Woke up when one of the teenagers stumbled back into my room mumbling, “What time is it?”.  I knew immediately that my alarm had been beeping away, waking up the whole cabin.  Whoops.     6:00am Have a conversation with a…

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Tiana’s Thoughts From Vicente Gurerro

Being here in Mexico is definitely, I would say, an experience unlike any I have had before, and one I won’t forget! We have been building houses for some families over the last four days and actually just finished them today. It was so amazing and impacting to see the joy that the family expressed at being given a new house when they didn’t have one before. The excitement in the little girl’s eyes as she jumps up on her…

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Mexico Blog #3

Could the believers in VG reach out and impact the world around them?  Tonight I discovered the answer is unquestionably YES.  Although Pablo and Felipa (the couple we’re building a house for) may not be there quite yet, the Church of VG is set to rock the planet.  We visited an absolutely hopping church tonight.  400 people packed into a room on Wednesday evening for church, and apparently they pack the building twice on Sundays.  The spirit in the house…

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Mexico Blog #2 – Miraculous Healings After a Long Day!

MEXICO BLOG #2 Having been on a few of these altruistic adventures, I once again forget the amount of work involved.  It’s almost 11pm, and we are finally in our cabins Tuesday evening.  The day started for me at 5:30am, with a full day on the building site in the blazing sun with not a few blisters from working steady throughout the day (blame my soft hands on office work).  By the time 4pm rolls around, the houses are completely…

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Mexico Blog #1 – Following Jesus Means We Go!

MEXICO BLOG #1 The girls and I made it to Vicente Guerrero (VG from now on) in one piece.  My first time driving the Baja peninsula, and I have to say it was absolutely gorgeous, kind of reminded me of driving along the Oregon coast in a way, the ocean breakers were very impressive.  I snapped a pile of pictures of waves that I’m sure I’ll never look at again.  You definitely get a sense of the turmoil in this…

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Introducing the Vazquez Family

That’s Filipa Guzman Vazquez, and those are two or her and Pablo’s four children.  Although we are just starting to get the story on this family, we know that in their poverty they work unbelievably hard to scratch a meager existence off the land in the community of Vicente Gurerro.  They do not presently have their own home and are eagerly anticipating our teams arrival this weekend.  Why?  Because 25 people from our church will be presenting them with their…

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