love and sex


The Fault in Their Stars

You should always check the movies you wanna watch before subjugating yourself (and likely your family) to 2 hours of it.  You’re life is precious – no point wasting it.  Here’s here’s a simple two-step system Sara and I use for pre-checking movies: 1)  Go to  This is a Focus on the Family service, that will enable you to quickly decide if a movie is family-friendly and God-honoring.  What I like about this site, is that it’s not overtly…

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Biblical Ethics

Evangel has developed a reputation in our city for being out-of-the-box, as far as churches go.  The rumours are probably justified.  We make no bones about it when we say that we are culturally liberal, taking as much liberty as we can to show the world around us God’s love.  And that impacts who we are and the image we put out there on so many different fronts.  For example: – You'll find a small group with winemaking as a relational hook…

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Beauty of The Forgotten (By Breanna Froese)

"In a city mark and marred and scarred, a world of shades of grey, artificial graffiti colours the walls. In a crack a seed takes root, amid the blocks of cold pavement. A gathering of orphaned, whose hands have felt the sandpaper-grating of their very lives burn raw their skin. A people of loss and mistakes, a people of regret and pain. A people who, despite the sight they see through their eyes, are not lost to beauty and the…

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Evangel and Sex

  Advisory warning: candid discussion about sexuality.    It’s definitely not your usual Sunday morning fare, but at Evangel, we talk about sex a fair bit.  Here’s where we’re at on this sizzling hot topic:   1)  Sex is oh so GOOD. Every good and perfect gift comes from God, and eroticism is one of them.  Look at how God set this whole thing up: Eve – a beautiful, completely unclothed woman, and Adam – Mr. Universe as bare as the day he was…

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Pyjamas, Sex, and Marriage

When’s the last time you saw a movie where the married people didn’t where PJ’s when they went to bed?  Disclaimer: I’m certainly not suggesting you try to find or watch a nudie flick.  But what I find infuriating is that Hollywood seems to always portray us “married people” as being uninterested in sex, where the bedroom is a place you read books, discuss issues, and then finally turn the light off and go to sleep, usually bagged out, tapped out, and…

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