New Project: Novi Sad, Serbia

We are always open to ways that we can expand our reach as a community, and do it in a way that is efficient  and productive, and honouring to Jesus command – “go into all the world".  After almost four years of walking beside the little church plant in Ukraine, it’s time to push forward by taking on a new project.  About six months ago we were invited to partner with a church plant in Novi Sad, Serbia.   Being the…

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Kenya – Special Feature this Sunday, July 8th !!

Written by Jimmy Noble The team has made is safely back to Canada with most of our body parts attached. Jeremiah and I did show up with an eye infection that made us look pretty strange. We both had several appointments and so far it looks like it is just a really bad infection, however our eyes are almost totally back to normal now, praise God. Other than a few scratches and dings here and there, we have all been…

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Kenya Update 06/10/12

Commandment Number 1: You shall have no other gods before Me. Exodus 20:3 god # 1 The Almighty Clock The alarm goes off very early in the morning, as the team begins to wake up we realize that in order to get all of God’s work done we are going to have to scramble. We have made up several different baskets of food to distribute to families in need. Our plan for the day is to hand these baskets out while…

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Kenya Update June 3, 2012

Put yourself in these three different shoes:  1. A young believer and friend comes to you and says that he was kicked out of school because he didn’t have $60 dollars to take the final exam in university. Do you pray for him and send him on his way saying, “God bless you?” Or do you stop and actually give him the funds he needs. What we make in a few hours can change this man’s life forever.  2. I…

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Update From Team in Kenya – GREAT READ and Awesome Report!

  Kenya update May 25, 2012 With banana trees on one side of us and sugar cane on the other, the sun beats down on us as we find ourselves walking down a narrow path in the middle of Kenya. Single file one by one we make our way to share the gospel with a widow that was left with six children. Her husband has died from HIV AIDS and she is to sick to work, let alone provide food…

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