money and giving


A Theology of Shiny New Things

We’ve been bashing consumerism in our church lately. I mean, really bashing it. A couple weeks ago I told our church, during a Sunday preach, that you wouldn't go to hell in hand-basket…quickly…for buying a new iPhone every two years. Key word: quickly. And I don’t apologize, 'cause we've become a culture completely given to the acquiring of stuff and more stuff at the expense of others (often third world factory workers). And at the expense of ourselves. Consumerism IS the…

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Advent Conspiracy = TEN WELLS!!

    This Christmas was unique at Evangel for several reasons:   1)  We actually followed the Advent theme   Tradition is outside-the-box for us.  The usual is unusual.  So we ventured out into the unknown and took a shot at what “real” churches do at Christmas: Advent.     Advent simply entails the arrival of a noteworthy individual.  Obviously, that person is Jesus coming into the world that fateful day over 2000 years ago.  The special significance for us,…

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Evangel Financial Gazette?!

What an awesome day in God’s presence yesterday!!  As we worshipped Jesus together, and gathered around His words to us (thanks for sharing!!), the morning became a living testimony to what it means to let Him shepherd us.  So beautiful. We made this handout available at the back, and I meant to highlight it, but didn’t.  It’s available here (EFG – June 2014), as well as at the church office and Sunday services.     In brief, a monthly “financial”…

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Giving Story (and it’s really true)

The last two weeks at Evangel have been interesting for two reasons. 1) Our attendance during Sunday services has been fairly low.   This is completely normal for the time of year as many of you take advantage of good weather to get some extra projects done around the house, or flee to beautiful, riverside campgrounds.  I don’t blame you one bit – been a long winter.   On that note though, I encourage you to make “the gathering” as…

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Outlast w/ Tony

Check out this message from Tony that'll give you some key insights to the upcoming Outlast Giving Opportunity on May 25, 2014!  Of course, you can make your contribution online, or at a giving kiosk on Sundays or at the church office during the week.

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Oh boy – I’m dreaming about charitable giving.

Had this crazy dream two weeks ago (been dreaming a lot lately).    SCENE ONE   It’s Sunday afternoon, and I’m reeling from a $900 offering.  And not reeling in a delight, but in panic, for those of you still in the dark ages of paltry giving :).  When you consider that Evangel’s weekly budget (missions, staff, utilities, ministry, buildings) is about $12,000 per week, you can understand the sinking feeling I have in my gut.   SCENE TWO   Scene two…

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Build the House – News Update

I’ll never forget the day.  It’s November 17 and the house has gathered together at the Pomeroy banquet hall,  to make their pledges and commitments to Build the House, Evangel’s expansion project.  The goal: to raise 1M toward the purchase and renovation of a retail block in the downtown core of our city.  And we did it!  Since then Evangel has gone into a mobile phase, with Sunday services taking place in an elementary school, and our offices spread out…

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If Money Is Mentioned ONE MORE TIME, I’m Outta Here!!

“If money comes up in church one more time, I’m outta here!”     I have heard this numerous times in my 10 years pastoring Evangel Chapel, and many times before that in various contexts.  When I hear it now, I just smile and carry on.  It’s nothing new.  The fact is, because church finances are  NOT addressed very often from the platform, people, who have been attending for months, can miss the fact that Evangel floats (or sinks) on…

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How To Tithe Off a Business, Evangel Style

Business tithing.  The topic has been broached several times in the last few months, with good reason!   To reach our potential as a house in this city God has placed us in, will definitely require us to get online with the principle of tithing, both on a personal and on a corporate/business level.  One of the keys to moving forward, is to consider engaging our businesses in this practice of percentage-based, regular giving.  Evangel Chapel does this, and you…

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Evangel and Money

Here are some fundamentals about Evangel and Money:   A.  Money is Central to Life at Evangel. Isn’t God central?  Of course, but so is money.  There is no way around this as far as I can tell because money affects everything we do.  On a personal level, most of us (if we’re honest) would readily declare that the life we live now is directly tied to the amount of money we make.  If that’s the case on a personal…

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