A Theology of Shiny New Things

We’ve been bashing consumerism in our church lately. I mean, really bashing it. A couple weeks ago I told our church, during a Sunday preach, that you wouldn't go to hell in hand-basket…quickly…for buying a new iPhone every two years. Key word: quickly. And I don’t apologize, 'cause we've become a culture completely given to the acquiring of stuff and more stuff at the expense of others (often third world factory workers). And at the expense of ourselves. Consumerism IS the…

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Build the House Update

It’s been a great journey so far with Build the House. Hardly a day goes by where I’m not slightly "caught off guard" by the fact that we did it! After 30+ years of dreaming, praying, and planning, Evangel has at long last expanded facilities into a beautiful home in the heart of the city of Fort St. John. With a new auditorium that seats up to 500, creative facilities for families, and breath-taking spaces to gather throughout, it’s a…

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Latest News & Announcements

Hi House! Hope you’re having an amazing summer. Sara and I just recently returned with our two youngest from a very refreshing time down south. I think it’s almost time to ramp things up again :), and we’re feeling ready for it! A few things: Church in the Park This Sunday (August 24) we will be having church in the park for the second time this year. Centennial Park, 11am. Bring a lawn chair or blanket to sit on! At 1 pm,…

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Building Blog #20 – Are we there yet???

Remember asking that question as a kid on long (and even not so long) journeys? I’m probably starting to sound like a broken record to the guys that are front-running Build the House renovations. Are we there yet? The answer is, like it was when I was an 8 year old kid, difficult. We’re definitely moving in the right direction. Almost all of the light fixtures are now installed. Almost all of the flooring has been laid. Almost all of…

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Evangel Financial Gazette?!

What an awesome day in God’s presence yesterday!!  As we worshipped Jesus together, and gathered around His words to us (thanks for sharing!!), the morning became a living testimony to what it means to let Him shepherd us.  So beautiful. We made this handout available at the back, and I meant to highlight it, but didn’t.  It’s available here (EFG – June 2014), as well as at the church office and Sunday services.     In brief, a monthly “financial”…

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Giving Story (and it’s really true)

The last two weeks at Evangel have been interesting for two reasons. 1) Our attendance during Sunday services has been fairly low.   This is completely normal for the time of year as many of you take advantage of good weather to get some extra projects done around the house, or flee to beautiful, riverside campgrounds.  I don’t blame you one bit – been a long winter.   On that note though, I encourage you to make “the gathering” as…

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Building Blog #18

​It’s been awhile since I’ve last blogged, but trust me when I say it’s not indicative of inactivity – there’s a lot going on!  Let me highlight a few things: OCCUPANCY IS IN SIGHT!   By occupancy I’m referring to that Sunday in the near future when we can actually have church in our new facility.  In fact, all our efforts and priorities right now are to get us to this point.  Hopefully we’ll see this happen sometime in July.…

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Outlast w/ Tony

Check out this message from Tony that'll give you some key insights to the upcoming Outlast Giving Opportunity on May 25, 2014!  Of course, you can make your contribution online, or at a giving kiosk on Sundays or at the church office during the week.

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Dave Ramsey on Tithing

Dave, who is the founder of Financial Peace University, was asked this question on air.  His answer is pretty insightful and well balanced.  Enjoy! Is it acceptable to pause tithing in tough financial times? The Bible does not mention anything about "pausing" tithing. Neither does it say that we will go to Hell if we do not tithe.  The tithe, which is a scriptural mandate, was not instituted for God's benefit because He already has all the money He needs.  He…

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Another-Great-Meeting (AGM)

Or Annual General Meeting, but I like the creative title better :).  We're pleased to report that we had a great meeting, with a good turnout and lots of food.  Who’d of thought one year ago that our 2014 AGM would find us meeting in a school cafeteria?!  It IS very exciting living this journey that God has Evangel on!   Our meeting consisted of a few key elements that I’ll give you in brief here, along with links to PDF documents:…

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Evangel and Money

Here are some fundamentals about Evangel and Money:   A.  Money is Central to Life at Evangel. Isn’t God central?  Of course, but so is money.  There is no way around this as far as I can tell because money affects everything we do.  On a personal level, most of us (if we’re honest) would readily declare that the life we live now is directly tied to the amount of money we make.  If that’s the case on a personal…

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