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Evangel Family Dance

Come on out for a fantastic, family-friendly evening of dance and music! If you've ever experienced an Evangel dance, you know its a unique environment to connect with friends, laugh a lot, and even get some exercise (think Polka :). $10pp, or $25 per family.

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Jesus would have danced.

The morality of dancing can be argued until the cows come home, but the truth of the matter is that if there were barn dances and two-stepping two-thousand years ago, Jesus would have danced. Jesus would have shown up to a dance and if He spotted a girl sitting on the sidelines just waiting for a man to ask her to dance, I guarantee that any arguments about morality would have gone out the window. Jesus would have walked up…

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Evangel and the Top 40 – Hell Yeah?

  You know, as much as I love music produced by the Christian music industry, “Sweet Oholibamah” (an Apologetix parody of Sweet Home Alabama) just doesn’t cut it.  And it’s rather awkward having a romantic dinner with my wife to the sounds of “Revive Us Again” by Robin Mark.     I grew up in a traditional church culture that drew a hard line between sacred music (like Maranthan music, help us Jesus), and secular music (oh my goodness –…

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