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Build the House Update

It’s been a great journey so far with Build the House. Hardly a day goes by where I’m not slightly "caught off guard" by the fact that we did it! After 30+ years of dreaming, praying, and planning, Evangel has at long last expanded facilities into a beautiful home in the heart of the city of Fort St. John. With a new auditorium that seats up to 500, creative facilities for families, and breath-taking spaces to gather throughout, it’s a…

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Grand Opening – November 23

Don't miss this exciting day as we celebrate things God has being doing among us!   9:30 & 11am.  Two special gatherings with Guest Speaker Ken Russell (Langley, BC)   5-7pm.  Banquet Celebration and Opening Ceremony. Bring a dish to share for this massive potluck-style banquet.  During the evening there will be special music, and a brief ceremony celebrating the opening of our new facilities.   After dinner, kick-up your heels on the dance floor.  

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Building Blog #21 – Clueless

I’m sitting here in a quiet house, drinking a strong coffee, the day before Evangel’s first Sunday in the new downtown facility. All of the checkboxes have been ticked, occupancy has been granted, final details have been seen too, the stage is set, and we’re good to go. At last. It’s been quite a ride getting to this point (to say the least). We have literally seen a dream become firm reality. Ironically, I’m really not stressed about our tomorrow’s…

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Build the House Report: Silver Lining in the Korean Community!

Came across this super cool story last week, another little silver-lining in this unique season where Evangel has been “homeless”. There’s a Korean community within the Evangel community, though you won’t necessarily see them in our regular Sunday gatherings. They have their own Korean-language meeting after Evangel’s regular Sunday gatherings. Of course, with Build the House, they too found themselves in a place of mobility, and opted to meet in Pastor John’s home. The number of people was relatively small,…

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Latest News & Announcements

Hi House! Hope you’re having an amazing summer. Sara and I just recently returned with our two youngest from a very refreshing time down south. I think it’s almost time to ramp things up again :), and we’re feeling ready for it! A few things: Church in the Park This Sunday (August 24) we will be having church in the park for the second time this year. Centennial Park, 11am. Bring a lawn chair or blanket to sit on! At 1 pm,…

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Downtown Revitalization – Christian, please read

Slogan for a recent initiative called Energize Downtown. I’m a pastor in Fort St. John. Have been for 11 years, and frankly, I’m tired of the never-ending stream of negative horsepoop that is spoken over our city, even if it’s only about the weather (how many times do you have to complain about the cold – If you don’t like it, well, leave or something). And of course, the new plan on deck to energize our downtown core is getting…

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Building Blog #20 – Are we there yet???

Remember asking that question as a kid on long (and even not so long) journeys? I’m probably starting to sound like a broken record to the guys that are front-running Build the House renovations. Are we there yet? The answer is, like it was when I was an 8 year old kid, difficult. We’re definitely moving in the right direction. Almost all of the light fixtures are now installed. Almost all of the flooring has been laid. Almost all of…

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Building Blog #19 – Evangel as a Third Place

Evangel's new facility on 100 Street will likely be known as Evangel Place, a multi-use facility that will serve as a "third" place in our community.           How amiable and warm is your dwelling place. ~ Ps. 84:1 Build the House – Embrace a City has been an incredible journey of discovery for our church community. Learning how to stretch beyond our comfort zones, experiencing a new kind of transience in the in-between, practicing patience with…

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Egads! – Last Sunday In Central (June 22.14)

A church which pitches its tents without constantly looking for new horizons, which does not continually strike camp, is being untrue to its calling. We must play down our longing for certainty, accept what is risky, and live by improvisation and experiment.                                ~ Hans Kung (The Church as the People of God) It’s bittersweet.   Most of us would agree that, though our time in the…

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Following Jesus: Brilliant but Dangerous

Following Jesus, is the counter-intuitive, but also brilliantly intuitive approach to life, where you actually believe that you can hear God’s voice and you follow that inner sense of guidance (Holy Spirit), wherever it may lead.  All the while shoring up confirmation in your life by walking in friendship and community with like-minded people, lining up with the unerring plumb-line of God’s Word, and connecting like a body-part to the local church.   But know this, the path is dangerous, narrow, and…

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Evangel Financial Gazette?!

What an awesome day in God’s presence yesterday!!  As we worshipped Jesus together, and gathered around His words to us (thanks for sharing!!), the morning became a living testimony to what it means to let Him shepherd us.  So beautiful. We made this handout available at the back, and I meant to highlight it, but didn’t.  It’s available here (EFG – June 2014), as well as at the church office and Sunday services.     In brief, a monthly “financial”…

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No WAY It’s Worth It For a Bigger Building!

I just spent the weekend with a number of great friends who lead churches just like Evangel.  It was a time of encouragement, learning, and accountability: as each of us shared our story – the victories and the struggles.  When my turn came, I shared how  my number one tension in pastoring these days has been coping with the size of the project we are now in (Build the House).  Of course that included accommodating growth, meeting deadlines, raising finances, interim…

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A Prophetic Picture of Build the House

There are no simple coincidences.   That’s how we all felt about an opportunity that came our way a couple years ago.  I’d met this short-in-stature, huge-in-spirit Oaxacan pastor in Mexico.  He needed a new church building, and badly, so Evangel picked up the baton and ran with it.  We pooled resources, assembled a team, and headed down in the fall of 2012.  It was the fastest church-build I’d ever seen, and the project was completely in 4 days, from…

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Building Blog #18

​It’s been awhile since I’ve last blogged, but trust me when I say it’s not indicative of inactivity – there’s a lot going on!  Let me highlight a few things: OCCUPANCY IS IN SIGHT!   By occupancy I’m referring to that Sunday in the near future when we can actually have church in our new facility.  In fact, all our efforts and priorities right now are to get us to this point.  Hopefully we’ll see this happen sometime in July.…

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Evangel Downtown – The Dream

A year ago we sat down with some of the movers and shakers of our community, and entertained the idea of having a church in the downtown core at 10040 – 100 St.  At 3 Sunday morning services (to accommodate our growing church family), we really needed to consider a larger facility.  This building came up as a possible solution to a growing church.               "Does a church like Evangel fit the direction of…

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Build the House – News Update

I’ll never forget the day.  It’s November 17 and the house has gathered together at the Pomeroy banquet hall,  to make their pledges and commitments to Build the House, Evangel’s expansion project.  The goal: to raise 1M toward the purchase and renovation of a retail block in the downtown core of our city.  And we did it!  Since then Evangel has gone into a mobile phase, with Sunday services taking place in an elementary school, and our offices spread out…

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Building Blog #17 – Hotelling Rooms

There will be two of them in the new building.  And you’re probably picturing something that’s warm and cozy, maybe a coffee table, lamps, pictures on wall, and a bed.  And you’d be close.   It’s actually a concept for efficient use of space.  These rooms (like homey living rooms, or cozy offices) will be available for anyone (be it staff or volunteers) to use during the week.  Like a hotel room, people will book them for the time that…

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Building Blog #16 – Flight Hangars and Partitioning Walls

It’s getting easier to visualize what the main auditorium will look like in the future Evangel.  A few walls have been opened up, back wall built in, and the permanent staging installed. This will be the largest open area, and will function as the big meeting place for Evangel Chapel. Although it’s capacity is significantly larger, we will arrange for about 300 seats.  So after being cramped into our little building, you’ll definitely feel like there’s room to breathe (and…

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Building Bog #16 – Engaging the Street Scene

Evangel Chapel is going to become a church of the “inner city”, soon to be literally situated in the heart of Fort St. John.   And while are thrilled about…      – the centrality                – the visibility                          – the potential reach into the unreached                                …

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Building Blog #15 – Google Phenomenon

You have no idea how fun it is to write “building blogs” from the angle of we’re-doing-this.  It’s not a dream anymore, it’s a quickly-materializing reality.  We have passed major milestones and are well on our way to realization! Let’s talk about what this thing is (I repeat, IS) going to look like as we begin designing and moving in.  How exciting is that?!   Remember having church services at the Culture Centre?  EVERY time, people would remark at the significance…

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Building Blog #14 – Are You SERIOUS?

Back in early September, the goal was laid out of raising $1,000,000 through gifts and pledges, by November 17, 2013.  To date, we have raised…   $561,000 (21 households)   What I find really mind-blowing about this is that the average giving per household has been over $25,000.  That shows beyond doubt that our leadership team (including SOM students) are very much on board with what God is doing!  With a little math, you take the 100+ households that make up our church,…

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Building Blog #13: And They Crossed Over

On October 15 at 8:15pm, Evangel made a formal decision to purchase the property at 10040-100 Street with an overwhelming affirmation.  And after years and years of dreaming and planning, it might take us a few days (or weeks) to let that sink in.  Let me assure you –  this IS reality, and a very good reality it is!!   We are moving to the heart of our city, into a facility that is exactly where God wants us to be.  …

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Building Blog #12: The True Blueprint

“Cherish your visions and your dreams as they are the children of your soul, the blueprints of your ultimate achievements.”    ~ Napoleon Hill   The dream is alive – very alive.     To be a church that is positioned in a pivotal place in our city – an AXIS of life, love, and laughter.   To be a church that is accessible.  ACCESS that is effortless.  Where anyone can feel comfortable, at home, welcome.   To be a church that…

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Building Blog #11: Giving is Exhilarating?!

I have to show you something crazy I discovered this week!     Organizations and nonprofits find that their first capital campaign (major-gift program) is seldom their last one.     What?!     Apparently such endeavours become part of the life of the community.  In the book titled “The Fundraising Feasibility Study: It’s Not About the Money”, Martin Novom says that “a capital campaign focused on major gifts…is not only possible for your organization, but in many cases hugely…

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Building Blog #10: Q & A

  We’ve had some great questions on the Building Blogs and thought we put them here in a single blog so you can peruse them.  Keep the comments and questions coming by posting below!!   QUESTION #1:     RETOOLING THE CURRENT BUILDING   Q:  Would Evangel keep the current building for other purposes like a teen discipleship center or YWAM base or would we rent it out? I went to a inner city church in Regina once that had…

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Building Blog #8 – Why I Think We Should Step Up To the Plate

This blog comes straight out of a few things I said last Sunday regarding Evangel’s future building expansion.  While I am in no way saying THIS IS IT (yet), I feel quite strongly that we need to step up to the plate on the most recent opportunity set before us.  Here’s why: 1.  It has been placed before us…   I’ve never been one to complicate the will of God.  For me it’s usually a case of engaging where I’m…

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Building Blog #9 – Money Cometh?

  That’s the BIG question, isn’t it?  Where’s the dough gonna come from, or do we expect it to drop out of the sky or grow on trees?     The facts: a building expansion, regardless of what option you go with (buy land and build, buy used and renovate) is going to start around 3M.  We’re in a bustling, growing economy and by all accounts it isn’t going to change.  This means it’s likely we’ll grow as a church, and also…

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Building Blog #7 – The OLD Church

  We own 10508 on 98th Street – lock, stock, and barrel.  Feels nice to say that.   We’ve been gathering here for 50 years and counting.   She’s an old girl, and not without cute little quirks.  We have most of them figured out, including the awesomest squeaky floorboards, bi-annual basement leakages, and ghosts from 1969.   Looking at options for what to do with the Old Church Building if we should ever expand into different facilities.   Two…

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Building Blog #6: New & Exciting Possibilities

  The above photo came off a napkin that I scribbled all over during a recent leadership seminar at Esther’s Inn in Prince George, where the speaker threw out a challenge: “Why don’t you expect God to give you a tithe of your city”.  It was people that he was referring to, not money.  Sara and I were sitting beside the teBultes at the time and we all share silent glances as the repercussions of such an increase settle over us.  I immediately started…

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Building Blog #5 – What’s In Store in 2013?

“You have everything you need to build something far bigger than yourself.” Seth Godin   2013 may very well be the year we take the first step in this direction.  For 7 years we have talked about, dreamed about, and looked at all kinds of options and ideas for building expansion.  Two months ago Evangel scheduled an informal luncheon to give an opportunity for discussion around those ideas.  The outcome?  A sense of faith and expectancy towards what God wants…

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Building Blog #4: Church Leadership Thoughts

Our church leadership team met last night.  Each regular meeting (usually once per month) includes several consistent elements: financial reports, church policy review, strategizing, and prayerful intercession.  High on the agenda this time was the opportunity in front of us for building expansion through purchasing the Alliance church.  Not all of the team were able to tour the building two weeks ago, so that’s where we started, with a detailed report of that tour.  Myself, Wally Miedema and Sara were…

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Building Blog #3: Building New vs. Buying Used

TOP THREE REASON TO BUY NEW 1.  You get exactly what you want. From the main auditorium to the kitchens to the bathrooms to the storage spaces – it’s a clean canvas, you get to paint it with your own personality.  No need to remodel.  It’s fits us to a T. 2.  Momentum surge from a new building  First in our own house as people get excited about building something new, but then as outsiders see what’s happening.  No question,…

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Building Blog #2: Alliance Church Tour

It’s official: our friends at the Alliance Church are moving ahead with a building program.  We are very excited for them as they step out into new territory as the Holy Spirit leads.  This has been a dream in the works for many years and is finally becoming reality.  Awesome!  This also means they are looking to sale their existing buildings on 99 Avenue.  A few months ago they approached us about our interest in looking at the building.   After…

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Building Blog #1

Writing has become such an important medium of communication for me in the last year.  Honestly, if you don’t track with the Evangel Blog, you’re actually missing out on many things that are happening around here, and particularly in me as a leader in the house.   So I’m working the “way of the pen” once again to bring you into the journey that Evangel has been on, towards a new facility.  Although this is the first instalment, I wrote…

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