Want to get connected into the Evangel Community?
1) Come to church, it’s the BIG hub – 10040 100t right across from DQ, 10am on Sundays
2) We recommend getting tied into a small group
3) Find a way to volunteer like Party in the Park events or Evangel Ventures

youth and ya

The Commons

    The Commons is when Youth and Young Adults combine on a Wednesday night and its always EPIC.  We believe in seeing Youth and Young Adults encounter God and experience life to the full in Jesus.  If you are a Youth (13-18) or a Young Adult (19-35) come check out what God is doing! Youth and Young Adults both meet on Wednesday nights at 7pm. Youth meet in the Mini Auditorium and the Young Adults in the Main Auditorium and…

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About ESM

Evangel School of Ministry: Learn. Experience. Serve. Evangel School of Ministry is an 8-month program designed specifically for those wanting to go deeper in their walk with God—growing in the knowledge of Scripture, being discipled intentionally in community, and learning how to minister effectively. The format of the program is part-time, which means you can attend the school while working full-time. The purpose and mission of the ESM is to disciple and equip believers for the task of ministry within…

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Prayer Summit

Prayer Summits are a time the entire church gathers together for corporate prayer and worship which is open to everyone.  We gather to listen to God, pray for one another, and intercede for our church, community and country.  Where:  In the Main Event Centre   Next Summits:         – December 31, 6-8pm (New Year's Eve)     – January 26, 7-9pm     – February 23, 7-9pm     – March 25, 9-11am (Good Friday)    

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Set Free Retreat

NEXT RETREAT: Fall 2017   God has called His people to live righteous lives and be His light in this world. We cannot possibly accomplish His calling with sin in our lives. It acts as a veil that dims our light and affects every part of our walk with Christ. Set Free! Retreat is a weekend set aside to focus on learning how to deal with sin, hurts, hang-ups and struggles that we all face on a daily basis. Jesus said,…

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Hearing God Seminar

Hearing God is something that is at the core of everything we do here in every ministry, and it needs to be the core of all parts of our lives as Christians! The Hearing God Seminar is a very practical course for those who want to hear God’s voice for the first time or grow in hearing. In this Seminar you will learn and experience that God still speaks today and that His children still hear His voice. We will…

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Freedom Session

Freedom Session is an effective, Christ-centered, 27 week, 12 Step healing-discipleship ministry that will lead you on a journey towards the freedom and healing you’ve always hoped was possible.     Freedom Session is effective for people from every walk of life, every economic level and virtually every possible area of woundedness. We have seen thousands of people set free from chemical and sexual addiction, sexual and physical abuse,  victimization, codependency issues, perfectionism, the scars of divorce, betrayal, abortion trauma,…

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Serbia STM (Missions Opportunity)

Are you interested in participating in a Short-Term Missions (STM) Trip to Serbia?  Well, we're so excited for what God will do in and through those of you who will end up participating in this trip!!! This blog will give you the proposed dates and initial budget. That being said, please understand that until we’ve secured flights with deposits, the cost and travel dates may adjust somewhat. You also need to know that this is primarily a work trip and you will need the physical…

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Sunday Prayer Hub

We're really excited to be announcing the recent launch of the Sunday Morning Prayer Hub! For years we’ve talked about having a team of people praying throughout the Sunday morning gatherings – now it's reality!! Each Sunday there will be two teams, one for both the 9:30 & 11am gatherings. Teams will consist of anywhere from 6-12 people, with a leader present to give direction throughout the hour. The prayer focus will be for the gathering, those that have gathered, the ministry…

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Love Says Go (Street Ministry)

        So much happening around Evangel these days. Kid city chaos, Sunday morning prayer hub, connect groups, meet-the-pastors on tuesdays, prayer summit, street ministry, and the list goes on. We are stoked for the things God is doing. Expectancy? I think so. I (Jimmy) briefly shared on sunday some of the things the youth are doing these days.    We are hitting the streets.    Two Tuesdays a month from 7 to 9pm all are invited to…

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Advent Conspiracy = TEN WELLS!!

    This Christmas was unique at Evangel for several reasons:   1)  We actually followed the Advent theme   Tradition is outside-the-box for us.  The usual is unusual.  So we ventured out into the unknown and took a shot at what “real” churches do at Christmas: Advent.     Advent simply entails the arrival of a noteworthy individual.  Obviously, that person is Jesus coming into the world that fateful day over 2000 years ago.  The special significance for us,…

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Serbia Update

As many of you are aware, Evangel is supporting a brand new church in the city of Novi Sad, Serbia.  Paul and Mary Triller are our point people for the project, and will be giving us regular updates on happenings.  Check out the latest from Paul on this exciting opportunity!  You're making a difference!   Greetings Evangel Chapel!   Here’s where you support and prayers are making a difference….   What a great year 2014 has been thus far.  o    An…

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Oh boy – I’m dreaming about charitable giving.

Had this crazy dream two weeks ago (been dreaming a lot lately).    SCENE ONE   It’s Sunday afternoon, and I’m reeling from a $900 offering.  And not reeling in a delight, but in panic, for those of you still in the dark ages of paltry giving :).  When you consider that Evangel’s weekly budget (missions, staff, utilities, ministry, buildings) is about $12,000 per week, you can understand the sinking feeling I have in my gut.   SCENE TWO   Scene two…

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Celebrative Worship

          One of the values at Evangel is keeping a worshipful atmosphere and attitude at top priority. Specifically right now, Evangel is in a unique season of celebrative worship as we are in the in-between-time while waiting to officially move into the new building on 100st.  As a congregation, Evangel has always loved to have fun, but especially in the last couple months Sunday Morning services have been centred around celebration. The worship leaders have been stoked about picking set…

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Wendy in Dakar

Wendy Morrow is seasonal in Fort St. John, being a smoke-jumper in the summer (and a regular when she can at Evangel Chapel).  In the off-season, Wendy often fills her time with missional/humanitarian projects.  This wonderful report just came in from her, it's super exciting!  Looking forward to seeing Wendy again soon!   I just returned from Dakar, Senegal, Africa, last Wednesday and I wanted to thank you very much for praying for the duration of my trip! was working at…

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YES-ware! Going to Kwadacha, BC

A couple months ago a few guys from Evangel, on a skidoo trip, came up with an idea to reach out to the little First Nations community of Kwadacha, one of the most isolated and repressed communities in our province.  This is the story of how that happened.  Jesus willing, on March 13-15 they will lead a team, accompanied by rap artist Fresh IE, for a weekend outreach. Me, along with a couple buddies,recently went for a skidoo ride overnight and ended…

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OSHO pic 4 kids worshiping Tonya 11610

Encountering God in KidCity!

I’ll be totally honest with you: I’m a big time Sci-Fi girl. When we started working on the idea of a futuristic science lab with a time machine and crazy scientists, I was genuinely really giddy! Our main focus: God Encounters! The first week of our theme, we shared our own personal stories of times we encountered the God’s Spirit and encouraged the kids… what is God saying to you? So far, we’ve had time machine visits by such people…

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From India back to FSJ

We have so much potential to grow, it's unreal. For the first day that I was in India, we went through orientation. The full day was spent with Steve Stewart, who was leading our team. Orientation sounds pretty lame, especially if you've ever worked in the oil patch where that word basically means that you'll be wasting an hour in front of a lame safety movie. Not so in this case. It started with Steve saying that the goal wasn't for…

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New Project: Novi Sad, Serbia

We are always open to ways that we can expand our reach as a community, and do it in a way that is efficient  and productive, and honouring to Jesus command – “go into all the world".  After almost four years of walking beside the little church plant in Ukraine, it’s time to push forward by taking on a new project.  About six months ago we were invited to partner with a church plant in Novi Sad, Serbia.   Being the…

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What to Expect on Sundays!

What you can be expecting on Sundays at Central Elementary, whether the 9:30 or 11:00 am service: 1.  Holy Spirit It's an atmosphere where the Holy Spirit is given freedom to move, with less time constraints typical of the multiple service scenario.  A season of revival, preparation, and being equipped for the future.  Come with an open heart to encounter, in extraordinary ways, the boat-rocking, fire-baptizing, gift-giving Holy Spirit.   2.  Community What an opportunity to interact with one another,…

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Carly Friesen

Evangel Code: Kids FIRST

Code #10: ** We do handstands in KidCity and rap worship songs on Sunday. ** We are okay with turning ourselves and the whole church upside down to reach the children and youth of our city.  We are a spiritual home for the emerging generation.     No joke.  That’s who we are.     The first major thing Sara and I did, when it came to radically reaching out to our city, was orchestrate a 180 degree flip (or…

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Evangel Youth – Check it out!

Evangel Youth encompasses Evangel's youth-focused activities, for ages 12-19.   As a youth group, we are currently shut down for the business of summer but we are up and running from with the school year! –  Youth will be Wednesday, 7pm to 9pm  Geared towards any youth anywhere!  Lots of fun: from barn dances, to bowling, to MI – you name it! We love to provide a fun safe atmophere for teens to come as they are and learn about the love…

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The Party Church – Why We Do Party in the Park

People are often surprised to find a church behind what is arguably one of the highlight-events of the calendar year.  Since 2004, Evangel Chapel on 98th Street has been organizing annual PITP events in Fort St. John, investing  literally thousands of dollars and countless volunteer hours into each event.   So why do we do it? It's a good question, and because we've been doing it for the last 10 years, it's easy to miss the point, even for the…

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Hearts for Adoption

  A new support ministry for adoptive families, waiting families, and individuals who want to support adoptive families has been formed and meet on a monthly basis at Evangel Chapel. This ministry is part of Focus on the Family's Waiting to Belong initiative and everyone who is interested is welcome to attend.   For more information contact Joel or Gigi Yuen at 250-787-7559 or jgyuen0@gmail.com or Evangel Chapel at 250-785-3386 or info@evangelfsj.com.

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How to Make Facebook Groups Work For Your Small Group

We’re trying something new at Evangel this year for small groups: Facebook groups.  Here’s how to make it work as a viable tool to connect, facilitate community, and plan events for your small group:   1.  Fill in all the basic information in “edit group settings”, including your contact information in the “description” box.  Make sure that your small group knows it can always find your contact information there.  Be sure to list Evangel’s website there as well (evangelfsj.com).  For…

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Mexico Blog #6 – Two Great Men

Of all the pictures we snapped over the week in Vicente Gurerro, this one ranks among my favourite because of the two central subjects of the photo:   Asher Motola A Jewish guy who got saved during the Jesus movement in Mexico City, a teacher by trader, and missionary by calling.   For the last few decades he and his wife Suzanne have given their lives to the extension of the Kingdom and spread of the Gospel into Mexico.  He…

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A Story: Men’s Early Prayer

Last Wednesday at 6am I gathered at our church with about 20 other guys to pray.  You heard me right, to pray.  The average age is about 23, and as they walk into the building, the anticipation and excitement is more akin to what you'd expect if it was a night at the pub watching a foot-ball game.  We gather towards the front of the main auditorium, just the spot lights are on, creating a warm atmosphere.  Music plays softly…

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