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Find out more about the Evangel community, the staff team, values and beliefs, and history.


Every Sunday Downtown!! – 9:30 and 11:00am.

On September 14, Evangel moved into her new home in the downtown core – 10040 – 100 Street.  While we're now moved in, the project is still a work in progress.  Exciting days.   Here's a few things to note as you make your way to a gathering this Sunday: The main auditorium is located on the westside of the building, with the main entry on 101 Ave. (across from Dairy Queen).   Parking is available right at Evangel, on the…

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Build the House Report: Silver Lining in the Korean Community!

Came across this super cool story last week, another little silver-lining in this unique season where Evangel has been “homeless”. There’s a Korean community within the Evangel community, though you won’t necessarily see them in our regular Sunday gatherings. They have their own Korean-language meeting after Evangel’s regular Sunday gatherings. Of course, with Build the House, they too found themselves in a place of mobility, and opted to meet in Pastor John’s home. The number of people was relatively small,…

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Biblical Ethics

Evangel has developed a reputation in our city for being out-of-the-box, as far as churches go.  The rumours are probably justified.  We make no bones about it when we say that we are culturally liberal, taking as much liberty as we can to show the world around us God’s love.  And that impacts who we are and the image we put out there on so many different fronts.  For example: – You'll find a small group with winemaking as a relational hook…

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Evangel Downtown – The Dream

A year ago we sat down with some of the movers and shakers of our community, and entertained the idea of having a church in the downtown core at 10040 – 100 St.  At 3 Sunday morning services (to accommodate our growing church family), we really needed to consider a larger facility.  This building came up as a possible solution to a growing church.               "Does a church like Evangel fit the direction of…

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Staff Team

  We have a great STAFF TEAM at Evangel. You can learn more about them by following the links to their respective facebook pages.    Tony and Sara Warriner are our VISIONARY LEADERS, and have four teenagers (Luke – 18,. Tiana – 17, Jordyn – 15, Levi – 14).  They have lived in the city for over 10 years and love the Peace and it's diversity of adventurous people.  In addition to co-leading with Tony, Sara also serves as the Family…

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What to Expect on Sundays!

What you can be expecting on Sundays at Central Elementary, whether the 9:30 or 11:00 am service: 1.  Holy Spirit It's an atmosphere where the Holy Spirit is given freedom to move, with less time constraints typical of the multiple service scenario.  A season of revival, preparation, and being equipped for the future.  Come with an open heart to encounter, in extraordinary ways, the boat-rocking, fire-baptizing, gift-giving Holy Spirit.   2.  Community What an opportunity to interact with one another,…

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Membership @ Evangel Chapel

  You’re interested in becoming a member of Evangel Chapel?  Let me tell you little about the process of membership and why we do it!  In taking the step of becoming an official member of Evangel, you’re making a pretty bold statement that this is your church home, and that you are partnering with this house to pursue the plan and destiny of God for the Chapel and most importantly, the city of Fort St. John.  And that’s incredibely exciting!…

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Get Engaged @ Evangel!

So you’ve decided to tie into Evangel’s vibrant community of faith?  The BEST way to make this place really feel like home, is to find a place to serve, to bring your skills and gifts to the table and find a way to get active.  There are several ways, but let me highlight the top needs right now! Sunday Support Teams Each of Evangel’s three Sunday services has a team of individuals that give support in a number of different…

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