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Evangel serves the city of Fort St. John and surrounding rural communities through multiple Sunday services, exciting children’s and youth programs, creative community events, and a network of small groups that meet each week.

Evangel’s vision is to be a church IN the city FOR the city. Staying true to our vision shapes how we format our ministry models. It also shapes how Christians in our church think – we steer clear of a consumeristic mindset where the church is primarily for Christians and their personal needs. It guides us as we do ministry.

Our vision is to become TRUE disciples of Jesus in every way. And maybe even make a few new disciples on the journey. This is crucial. So the first arm of our vision is to be a church for the city, and the second arm is that we actually become Jesus-followers by daily applying the work of the cross to our lives, and living in the fullness of the Spirit.

Our vision helps us fulfill our purpose: to lead people to Jesus, connect them in meaningful friendships, and release them to serve in Fort St. John and around the world.

Evangel is affiliated with the Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada (P.A.O.C.) and holds to both its beliefs and structure.

Evangel Code

The code defines who we are, more than who we hope to be. This is what we live by.

1) We are faith-filled, big thinking, bet-the-farm risk takers. We'll never insult God with small thinking and safe living. Evangel Code - Hope Rising

2) We are all about the capital "C" Church. The local church is God's Plan "A" to reach the world – there is no Plan "B"!

3) We are a House of Honour. We freely give honour to those above us, beside us and under us, because of the calling and potential God has placed inside of them. 

4) We do not cater to spiritual consumerism. We will not cater to personal preference or spiritual consumerism in our mission to reach this city. The church does not exist for us. We are the Church and we exist for the world. 

5) We do anything short of sin to reach people who don't know Jesus. We are the last stop on the long, black train and will do things no one is doing to reach people no one is reaching. 

6) We lead the way in irrational generosity. Our staff and church will go above and beyond to give sacrificially to the work of God in our city. 

7) We laugh loud, hard and often! Nothing is more fun than serving God with people you love!

Evangel Code - Party Smiles8) We will be known for what we are FOR, not what we are against. There are already enough jerks in the world. We will speak vision and life over people. We will lift up the salvation of Jesus rather than use our platform to condemn. 

9) We are all about Whole-iness. Only Jesus is truly Holy, so we will endeavour to be like him, and try our darndest to avoid being like Pharisees. 

10) We do handstands in KidCity and rap worship songs on Sunday. We are okay with turning ourselves and the whole church upside down to impact the children, youth, and young adults of our city. We are a spiritual home for the emerging generation. 

11) We hear voices in our heads. And because the most important voice is God's, we will place ridiculous value on listening to what He says. 

12) We are raw, real, and relevant. We place a disproportionate value on creating a worship experience that boldly celebrates Jesus and attracts people far from God. 

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