Evangel School of Ministry: Learn. Experience. Serve.

Evangel School of Ministry is an 8-month program designed specifically for those wanting to go deeper in their walk with God—growing in the knowledge of Scripture, being discipled intentionally in community, and learning how to minister effectively. The format of the program is part-time, which means you can attend the school while working full-time. The purpose and mission of the ESM is to disciple and equip believers for the task of ministry within the context of their local church and beyond. The program consists of the following three components:

UPWARD: School of Bible & Theology

The beginning component of this program challenges some of the ways we think and talk about God, faith, and the world around us. Students will take four Bible & Theology courses, specifically designed to help them develop critical thinking skills in the area of biblical interpretation and theology. The courses include:

  • Hermeneutics 101: Reading the Bible’s Story

  • Bible Overview: The Story of God’s Kingdom

  • Luke-Acts: The Story of the Holy Spirit

  • Practical Theology: Finding Your Place in the Story.

    In the last course, students will be asked to develop a strategic plan for implementing their own “theology of ministry” in the context of real life.

  • INWARD: School of Discipleship

  • The inward part of life can be very hidden, yet it is from the inside that who we really are flows out. When we have not dealt with the deep issues of our heart, it is very difficult to begin outwardly displaying consistent fruit of the Spirit. The School of Discipleship seeks for individuals to discover how to walk in deep healing, primarily using the tools of the Set Free Retreat and Freedom Session, how to foster deep and healthy relationships, primarily learning how to be mentored, seek accountability, and to mentor others, and finally, to initiate the Holy Spirit’s power in your life, primarily through Prayer Summits and the Empower Retreat.

    OUTWARD: School of Ministry

    As an individual grows in their faith, discovering deep biblical truths and walking in healing, the kingdom of God begins to invade their life and naturally flows into others. Students will be provided with opportunities to serve their local church and community in a unique and personal way. To fulfill the ESM requirements, each student would be expected to complete 160+ hours of ministry and community-related service. Through the discipline of listening prayer and journaling, students will learn how to effectively plan and schedule his or her ministry time depending on their individual gifts, as well the specific needs of the community.

    Additional Information

    The ESM program runs every year from September to April. Upon their graduation, students will receive a non-accredited Certificate of Christian Ministry from Evangel Chapel.

    For more information, contact vadim@evangelfsj.com