Ever wonder why it’s so hard to accomplish things that actually matter? Why your “dreams” don’t come true. Why it feels like your a on a treadmill, worn out all the time and not going anywhere? 
Heres a word for ya: F.O.C.U.S. 
“One reason so few of us achieve what we truly want is that we never direct our focus; we never concentrate our power. Most people dabble their way through life, never deciding to master anything in particular.” 
     ~ Tony Robbins
Most of us, without knowing it, live our lives on a treadmill. Thirty minutes, six km’s and a litre of sweat only to realize you’re still in your basement. 
A beautiful let down?
Welcome to life… or maybe not!
Lets take a peak at four different ways in which you can hop off the treadmill and start climbing the mountain. 
Here we go!
1) Stop multitasking:
     It has been proven over and over that you cannot multitask. This is probably one of the biggest lies that we believe. If only we can cram more crap into our day we will become productive. Wrong. Research shows that you can only actually do one thing at a time effectively and when you add more you simply do two poorly. Stop talking on the phone while surfing the net. Stop eating while trying to read. Stop… you get the point. 
You’re trying to accomplish much but actually doing little. 
2) Prune your branches (say no)
     This comes strait from Jesus… and common sense. If you let grape vines continue to grow and never do a thing to trim them back they will stop producing fruit. I repeat, they will stop producing fruit. Guaranteed you have unpruned vines in your life that are wasting your time and don’t produce fruit. Heckels, you have vines that are taking up time and space that don’t even grow leaves on them. You have no idea why you are doing it, or when you said yes, but one things for sure, you are spread so thin and have stopped producing. 
Start cutting, its your only option. 
3) Develop clear vision of direction:
     The only way you are going to know which vines to cut and which vines to keep is by having a clear vision of where you are going.
Jesus said “no" to very good things (healing people, attracting crowds, didn’t have to prove he was right, debates, etc) because he knew his purpose and what would help and what would hinder. I said no to my wife when she asked me to take out the trash… I knew it would stretch me to thin.
Just kidding. Staying awake? 
Clear vision comes from the big picture. Big picture comes from Jesus. Guaranteed, you hang out with Jesus and listen to him, your gonna see the big picture. Its how he thinks. 
4) Stop wasting time:
     We seem to be a culture that values wasting time. Seriously, lets count up our screen time; Facebook, Instagram, Snap Chat, Twitter, texting, Youtube, tv, movies, Flappy Bird (oh wait, nobody plays that anymore). Two hours a day sound fair? 
Heres the thing: random time spent on random things will never add up to anything. However, if you invest copious amounts of time into one thing, for better or worse, payday will come. 
We all waste time. Take a peek at your life and figure out where.
Heres the point: you have an orchard to farm and it will not produce fruit without special care. Fruit will not happen by chance, it will take extreme focus.