We’ve never prayed so much for a single event around Evangel as we did for the Set Free Retreat that took place last weekend, and it showed.  Over 85 registrants experienced God in ways many didn’t even know was possible, describing a sense of becoming absolutely freed from baggage they’d been carrying, in some cases, for years.   Though dealing with issues in our personal lives can feel like hard work, it’s worth every ounce of effort!  

From front to back you just knew that the Holy Spirit was present and working powerfully, and Will and Wendy Sohnchen facilitated the retreat.  I for one am expecting to see crazy things in the lives of those that attended as they enter into whole new levels of “life to the full”.

Check out photos of the event HERE:

Important information about Set Free:

1)  Next Retreat: Fall 2017

That’s right, we’ve already got another one on the radar.  This and all future retreats will be handled completely by our own staff team.  If you missed the last one, mark these dates and keep them protected!  The retreat will start at supper on Friday, and conclude at supper on Saturday.   

2)  Future steps for participants

Just a reminder for you that attended the last retreat: there are steps to take to insure that you continue to walk in the new freedom you’ve discovered.
     – 30 Day Set Free Devotionals.  Pick one up at the office if you don't have it already. 
     – Get involved with Prayer Summits (May 12) and early prayer gatherings (Wed, 6am and 10am)
     – Attend the Set Free Retreat, November 7-8 (and go deeper still)
     – Make an appointment for some one on one counselling (info@evangelfsj.com)   

3)  The role of Set Free Retreats in the future

Set Free Retreats are here to stay!  In the future, you’ll see them become part of the process of discipleship in our church, as well as part of the process of experiencing freedom in every part of life.  For now, you'll see another retreat this fall, and then one in early spring of 2016.  Hope to see you there!