We're really excited to be announcing the recent launch of the Sunday Morning Prayer Hub! For years we’ve talked about having a team of people praying throughout the Sunday morning gatherings – now it's reality!! group-prayer
Each Sunday there will be two teams, one for both the 9:30 & 11am gatherings. Teams will consist of anywhere from 6-12 people, with a leader present to give direction throughout the hour. The prayer focus will be for the gathering, those that have gathered, the ministry leaders, and most importantly, listening to Jesus for specific things (smart-bomb prayers). It’s going to be a great place for both seasoned pray-ers, AND for those wanting to learn how to pray more effectively, and at the same time deepen their relationship with Jesus.

With Jimmy preaching last Sunday I got my first opportunity to serve in the Prayer Hub along with 5 others. I took in the first service, and then tucked away in the hub for the second. It was surreal, as we interceded for the House, under the anointing and direction of the Holy Spirit.  More than ever, I can see this being an amazing thing for our House, and just one more way for people like you and me to get off of our bums and do something significant to serve each Sunday. 

You're commitment would be to attend the Hub for one gathering, and then to take in the other gathering with everyone else. As part of the Sit1Serve1 strategy, we encourage you to plan on serving on a Sunday at least once per month. Maybe this is your place. Maybe you should give it a try? If you wanna give it a go, simply contact info@evangelfsj.com, and we'll get you connected to the right people, or post to this blog.

It’s definitely still in the category of “pilot project”, imagine sitting in a service, knowing that there are a bunch of people praying with passion and boldness for you? Well, for the foreseeable future, that is the reality. And it’s super cool.