So much happening around Evangel these days. Kid city chaos, Sunday morning prayer hub, connect groups, meet-the-pastors on tuesdays, prayer summit, street ministry, and the list goes on. We are stoked for the things God is doing. Expectancy? I think so. I (Jimmy) briefly shared on sunday some of the things the youth are doing these days. 


We are hitting the streets. 


Two Tuesdays a month from 7 to 9pm all are invited to step out and hit the streets with us. We believe it is time to step out of our comfort zone and watch God do the impossible and the only way that is going to happen is by stepping out of the boat. 


If you want to know a little more of what it looks like, I have compiled a few stories from the street ministry peeps below. 





“Last night was amazing. It's neat how the Body works when it cooperates with the Head. The sheer fact that an assembly of believers could come together and [GO] was inspiring in and of itself. We started out at Evangel Chapel in the heart of the city, and were prepped by a couple of good words on how we (as disciples and followers of Christ) are empowered through the Holy Spirit to heal others. 


We grasped that we are to be listening for the constant small voice of God so that we may know when, who, and what to heal, or pray for. As we left from Evangel we split up into different groups. We decided amongst ourselves that we would rely and be fully dependent on the Holy Spirits direction. As we walked out the door and headed down the street, it was incredibly exciting – to act on our faith – an experience most definitely needed. 


We asked the Holy Spirit where he wanted us to go, and just then out of the corner of our eyes we saw a man on the other side of the street, who looked as if he was homeless. As we approached we decided that it would be best if just two of us went, so Levi and myself walked up to him and engaged in conversation. The man asked us what we were doing, to which we replied "We are actually just walking through town and being led by the Holy Spirit to heal others, and we felt drawn to you, so we came to meet you". The man took his hat off and bowed slightly, replying in a somewhat slurred voice, "Oh, you're Christians. good people, good people". 


Conversation ensued, and we learned that this man was actually a follower of Christ, and that he was just struggling with quite a few things at the moment, he had just separated from his wife, and though he had resolved to quit drinking, he was back on the streets drinking again. We asked if we could pray for him, and he gladly accepted. We declared the stress and anxiety, heartbreak and sorrow be gone in the name of Jesus, and encouraged him. He couldn't thank us enough. It turned out that he actually had a home about an hour and a half out of town, but had just made the wrong choice to come into town. He had been sleeping on the floors of the bank and was incredibly sore and uncomfortable. Since my car was available, I offered him a ride back home, with James's words ringing in the back of my mind: 


    “If a brother or sister is without clothing and in need of daily food, and one of you says to them, "Go in peace, be warmed and be filled," and yet you do not give them what is necessary for their body, what use is that? Even so faith, if it has no works, is dead, being by itself.” – James 2:15-17


It was such an incredible night, and I feel that God really used us as His hands and feet. As I lay in bed that night thinking of how we as a body went and spread the message of healing and Jesus throughout our broken community, a warmth filled my heart. This is what it's all about. This is what we need. It's beautiful how the Body works when it cooperates with the Head!”


– Carlin McRae




“On Tuesday, we hit the streets to do some street ministry. We went out pumped and excited to talk, pray and love on anyone that came across our paths. What I found was that although it is exciting to go, actually ministering to people is totally different than what you might expect. I've done street ministry before in Vancouver, but it was totally different from doing ministry in my own town. The revelation I got from God is to trust Him enough to stretch yourself to take that first step – a baby step even – and see where it takes you. it's a process – something you have to work at to grow and to become stronger. Our group walked around town and No Frills praying. We gave money to people for groceries and we filled a nice lady's car with gas. Even though we didn't directly pray for someone and we didn't get to see any crazy awesome miracles, we still took a step of faith and pushed ourselves out of our comfort zones for the sake of advancing God's Kingdom. 


I like to call it seed planting. We are growing in our faith and in turn are blessing the people in FSJ, even if they don't know it yet. It starts with that. Then the goal is to make it a daily thing – that it would become natural to us. Because if we are not stepping out and spreading the beauty and the life that is God, then what's the point? God loves us all and it should be our privilege to show that to others. I am excited to continue to go out and to see the youth step out and to see what God will do through us!”


– Michaela Wood




“Being a part of the youth outreach on Tuesday gave us all an opportunity to exercise our faith. Our group went down to No Frills and loitered around the store. It was definitely an awkward situation having to step out after not having done it for a long time. Sarah and I walked aisle after aisle waiting for God to speak to us to just DO SOMETHING. We both had the same feeling of buying someone's groceries just to bless them. We went to the counter to get cash back and started looking for who God wanted us to bless. We wrote notes on a paper saying “Jesus Loves You” and folded them into the money. Although we didn’t have the chance to actually pray for someone; we did get to bless our community by putting money into shopping carts.”


– Zack Schindel




“Tuesday Youth was a growth experience for me. Praying for people isn't my strong suit, so asking someone if they would like prayer is hard. But, it's all worth it when you realize that what God wants is also what you want (to help people), then it's easier. Good people are out there; willing to make a difference, to stand up against suffering. Tuesday was the 1st step. I worked spiritual muscles that I haven't used much in my daily life that, now I know I should be. Next thing you know, it won't be hard anymore!" 


-Kierra Brule 




“God wants us, and he wants those we will come in contact with tonight. He wants to fill us, be working through us. He wants their hearts; he wants to reveal his character. But he’s also patient. He’ll take us one step at a time, as we step out and we make ourselves available to be used by him, as we learn to be sensitive to what is on his heart and how powerful he is. He’ll use us, to take someone else one step closer to himself. What are we afraid of? Rejection? The worse that could happen is worth risking for the best that could happen. It is worth one step.”


– Peter Belfry