It’s been a great journey so far with Build the House. Hardly a day goes by where I’m not slightly "caught off guard" by the fact that we did it! After 30+ years of dreaming, praying, and planning, Evangel has at long last expanded facilities into a beautiful home in the heart of the city of Fort St. John. With a new auditorium that seats up to 500, creative facilities for families, and breath-taking spaces to gather throughout, it’s a perfect home for us, and a perfect gift for the city. 

Yesterday, we were able to hear a report on the status of BTH as it pertains to the financial picture. As you’re probably realizing, it sometimes takes awhile for the dust to settle on a project of this magnitude. The news, presented by a couple members of our CLT (Church Leadership Team), is very encouraging. I’ll summarize a few of the things our guys shared in church yesterday:

Total project cost to-date: 1.03M

That’s under-budget, but don’t forget that the projects not finished yet – figure that she’s about 90% of the way there, with things like technology upgrades, kitchen facilities, and parking lot resurfacing coming in the next two years. 

Either way, this is very good news. Our architects warned us the cost could be MUCH higher, but little did they know our building team (Haab Homes, Tim Smith, CLT, and many others) who did a fantastic job of keeping a tight reign on project costs. Almost everything was done at cost, and sometimes below. 16,000 square feet completely renovated and transformed, from top to bottom – pretty awesome!

Giving to BTH ahead of schedule by 7%

This is also very good news, and means that pledges that were committed last year are coming in like they should be, and beyond. 

Remember, 90% of the project costs are already realized, where only 38% of the pledges are paid at this point with another $600,000 committed to being given over the next couple years (our pledge campaign spans three years, from 2013-2016). As pledges continue to come in, our priority will be to do three things and in this order:

  • Finish the project, including installing a kitchen, a cost of approx. $250,000.
  • Pay back the $300,000 in bridge financing
  • Pay down the principle on our mortgage of 2.1M

BTH costs have outpaced funds by $75,000

Again, this is actually something to be very thankful of, considering that 90% of the costs have been realized and only 38% of the funds to date. Though the need is pressing with invoices outstanding, the three year picture remains very strong. Some of our team genuinely believe we will actually be able to pay down a VERY significant portion of the mortgage at the end of the day, in addition to fully paying for the renovation. Wouldn’t that be absolutely amazing?!

As was mentioned yesterday, our strategy for meeting this present need of $75,000 is three-fold:

1) As a house, we pray, we listen, and we obey.

Simple as that. This is Jesus’ church and He WILL provide. It’s up to each one of us to ask the Lord what our part is in this present opportunity to serve Him and His Kingdom in Fort St. John (Matt. 6:33). 

2) New pledges

If you are a part of Evangel, and have yet to make a personal pledge to Build the House, now’s a great time to do so!

The need is very present!! We have currently used every available dollar, including our rainy-day fund, to get invoices cleared as quickly as possible. Your financial contribution will insure that Evangel can continue ministry in Fort St. John without any hikkups or set-backs. 

3) If you have already made a pledge…

Perhaps Jesus has blessed you in such a way that you can pay your pledge sooner rather than later.

Participating with BTH is simple

Step ONE: ask Jesus what He wants you to do. It’s a simple thing to do, but pretty gutsy too. 

Step TWO: write it down on a BTH pledge card and place in Giving Centre. This is important so we can celebrate God’s provision as a house! 

Step THREE: watch how God rewards your obedience, it’ll blow your mind (Phil. 4:19)!